Regular maintenance doesn’t cost but saves!

Cargo bikes are often used intensively and therefore require regular maintenance. We advise service intervals after a certain number of miles, or after a certain amount of time, depending on your usage. With regular maintenance, your cargo bike will last longer and retain its value. This way your cargo bike will remain safe and reliable.

Please fill in the contact form below so we can prepare the maintenance properly and determine in advance whether parts need to be ordered.

To make communication as efficient and clear as possible, we offer a choice of 3 service levels. A brief explanation of this can be found below.



Get Rolling… We do what you ask us to do, and only what is necessary to make the bike operational again.

Your cargobike will not be cleaned and will not be checked for other points of attention.


Keep me safe… Your cargo bike will be thoroughly serviced and cleaned where necessary. We check your cargo bike for immediate and future issues and discuss these with you, so you can decide whether this should be done immediately, or later.


I love my Bike… We will wash your cargo bike and carry out an extensive maintenance service in which all parts receive attention. We then do everything necessary to get it in top condition so that you can safely get back on the road on a spotless cargo bike.

Is your bike purchased elsewhere? That’s no problem to us!

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Cargobike Service

At DrBeyk we provide maintenance and repairs to your premium cargo bike in collaboration with experienced and certified cargo bike specialists in one of our professionally equipped workshops in Amsterdam South, or on location.