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DrBeyk Online

DrBeykOnline.nl offers 200m² cargobike showroom and a detailed web shop where you can research, compile and order our brands, prices and specifications against. There is no place better than our cargobike shop where you will find experienced, passioned and devoted advise to make the right choices

DrBeykOffline offers the most reliable service for classic Dutch bikes and repairs in Amsterdam. You will find a store like a museum where you can experience a Dutch atmosphere form old! Classic service, classic and honestly priced.


DrBeyk Pro B2B

For professionals we have a separate department with much expertise and specialism in the field of tax benefits, lease, financing and tailor-made maintenance contracts, to help you find the most suitable mobility solution for your business needs.

Cargobikes don’t have easy lives…! That’s why high quality is so essential. At DrBeyk’s we only sell cargobike brands that we would select for ourselves. In addition to our long technical and product development experience in this field, we ourselves are cargo bike riders and real time experts.



At DrBeyk’s we provide cargobike maintenance, service and repairs for all premium cargobikes. We do this in collaboration with our experienced and certified cargo bike specialists in professionally equipped workshops in Amsterdam South or on-site!



Maatcycles is a specialist in maintenance and repairs to cargo bikes of all brands and works for us as well as for its own customers. Professionals are always busy, but if you are lucky, he will make some time for you (by appointment) at Uiterwaardenstraat 84a



Bicycleman is a true cargo bike enthusiast and specialist. He helps you from A to Z with the maintenance of your (electric) cargo bike and he works both on site and in his workshop at Uiterwaardenstraat 171 (by appointment).

If you want to store your precious bike, we facilitate two beautiful, very secure, 24/7 accessible bike garages in the Amsterdam south area www.Fietsenstalling-Rivierenbuurt.nl of www.rijwielstallingzuid.nl | e-bike spots with charging avialable!

Fietssleutel kwijt of gaat uw fiets niet meer open en staat de fiets op een lastige plek geparkeerd. De jongens van www.Fietssleutelkwijt.nl komen razendsnel naar u toe om uw fiets weer te bevrijden en als het moet een nieuw slot te monteren.

Bike Doctors

Snelle reparaties op locatie. Waarom mobiel? Bike Doctors zijn fietsenmakers op de bakfiets die naar u toe komen als het lastig is voor u om bij de fietsenmaker te komen, zodat u de fiets voor grotere klussen naar de fietsenmaker kunt rollen.


De juiste bakfiets, een businessmodel en geld verdienen, het kan! Wij bieden begeleiding van idee tot resultaat. Het begint met een eerlijke beoordeling of iets levensvatbaar is. Realistisch advies is van onschatbare waarde, zeker bij de start.

Rent a Battery

Wilt u een (extra) fietsaccu voor Bosch of Shimano huren? Dat kan bij ons. Wij verhuren alle powerpacks van Bosch en alle accu’s van Shimano per dag of per week. Ideaal als je tijdelijk wat extra kracht nodig hebt…

Your interest is ours

A number of small independent companies under the care of DrBeyk, each with its own strength and specialism to serve you with full dedication. Thus each of us has the full yield of his hands and freedom to work according to his own strength and time schedule. We believe that is the best formula to stay strong, healthy and motivated together. A kind of cooperative in which everyone is equal and has an interest in the success of the other, and where you are assured of the best service.

Passion for CarGoBikes

Bicycles still are one of the best inventions of the past 140 years. Bicycles and cargo-bikes played a major key role during the industrial revolution and now play an even bigger role in the race for sustainability. Zero-emission, good for health and, thanks to constant innovation, much more widely applicable. Developments in the field of electrical assistance have given the usability for various applications an enormous boost. Electric cargo bikes are now more efficient than ever and super reliable. The demand for cargobikes is currently increasing by 50% per year. That is good news for us, but even more for our world!

DrBeyk has been providing service, maintenance, and repairs on Cargobikes for over 25 years. We have witnessed all developments hands on, and we are cargobike riders ourselves, so no better place to buy or service cargobikes than DrBeyk!

Be that as it may, the power of a (cargo) bike is still in its simplicity!


DrBeyk in numbers

25 jaar ervaring in bakfietsen en stadsfietsen reparaties, service en onderhoud, toch we leren nog elke dag. De wereld verandert snel en zo ook de techniek en het bewustzijn voor duurzaamheid en gezondheid. De bakfietsrevolutie moest een keer komen, dat wisten wij al jaren.

Verzonden bestellingen

Geleverde Bakfietsen

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Jaren ervaring: EST.1998

DrBeyk Pro B2B

Calculating the costs per kilometer is much more complex for cargo bikes than for many other vehicles. It hugely varies by model, use and rider and the differences are sometimes quite large. Because there is still little accessible data available, experience plays an undeniable role in mapping out the costs in advance. We have that experience like no others. You can rely on our expertise for advice on which model best suits your job, a reliable cost analysis, but also training for use and maintenance. 

Family life

A cargo bike is quite a purchase, and a lot of people tell us that they never thought they’d ever spend so much money on a bicycle. It may seem like a big expenditure at first, but an electric cargo bike is much more than a regular bicycle. For families it means freedom and time for each other and that is priceless these days! When customers at the first service how they like their new cargobike, the standard answer is that it already proved to be the best purchase ‘ever’. And if you treat it well it will keep it’s value, you will still get a fair deal of money back after all the fun and miles… if you ever want to sell it…


In all honesty, sustainability only works if there is a financial incentive to it. It usually is financial benefit that convinces people and companies. Bit a cargobike has many more advantages in the city. You save time, space and money. A cargo bike is often much faster than a car, especially in the city centre. You don’t pay parking costs, fuel costs, road tax, it’s healthier and it comes across as much more sympathetic to customers. It is also the perfect way to positively advertise your company!

That’s why I’m Happy…